A Statement from CEO James P. Steyer in Praise of Growing Number of Companies Pulling Ads from "The O'Reilly Factor"

Common Sense Media
Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It is refreshing to see corporate America stand up for what they believe in, even when it might result in losing customers for life. It is important for kids who are watching the news to understand that in a democracy, everyone needs to be engaged and encouraged to express their opinions and hold people accountable. By pulling ads from "The O'Reilly Factor", these corporations are making a bold statement to Fox News and we think it sends an important message to kids that speaking up is the right thing to do, even when others disagree or it makes you unpopular.

No matter where you stand on Bill O'Reilly and Fox News, you have to commend corporations for prioritizing what they believe is right over their profits. It is an important message for kids in understanding the power of democracy and we encourage all businesses to do the same when they see something they disagree with. That is what democracy is all about.