Common Sense Concerned First Trump Budget Plan Threatens Opportunity for Kids and Families

Common Sense Media
Thursday, March 16, 2017

San Francisco, CA -- In response to the Trump Administration's first federal budget proposal, released today, Common Sense Kids Action Vice President for Federal Policy, Danny Weiss, issued the following comment.

"It is often said but also worth repeating -- a budget is more than a set of numbers, it is statement about what we value. Regrettably, the very first budget of the new Trump Administration released today values very little of what made America great in the first place -- a strong public education system, economic opportunity for all, international leadership, and a recognition that our air, water, and land can and must be protected hand in hand as we grow economically.

"Common Sense is very concerned that deep cuts to child care, after school care, public education, health care, environmental protection, and arts and the humanities, among many other important priorities, are severely misguided and not in the interest of ensuring all kids have the opportunity to thrive. We hope that when members of Congress examine this budget proposal from the perspective of the needs of children and families, they will soundly reject it.

"Without any rationale, the president calls for one the largest one-year increases in military spending in modern history and the deepest cuts in modern history to critical services that help children, families, schools, and the environment. Coupled with the health care repeal plan and proposed tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans making their way through Congress, children and families in America are looking at a tsunami that threatens to sweep away their economic, educational, and healthy futures. For our kids' sake, and for the future strength of our nation, we can and must do better than this."

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