Common Sense Grades “For Kids” and “Against Kids” California Legislators

37 Legislators Earn Perfect Scores for Supporting Kids’ and Families’ Bills Failing Grades for 27 Legislators

Common Sense Media
Tuesday, January 30, 2018

(SACRAMENTO)--Common Sense Kids Action today releases the 2017 California Legislative Scorecard, rating legislators on how their votes either helped or harmed kids in the state. The scorecards will be presented to legislators in Sacramento and also "sent home" electronically to legislative district offices.

37 California legislators won perfect scores for supporting every "For Kids" bill and opposing every bill that would harm or is "Against Kids." A total of 77 legislators from California's two houses earned stellar ratings above 90%, while 27 legislators scored below 60%.

One legislator, Republican Assemblymember Travis Allen of Huntington Beach, scored a dismal 33% on the scorecard, coming in last, earning an "Against Kids" designation. Allen is currently seeking to be elected Governor of California.

The ratings are based on 56 key votes made by members in the 2017 legislative session. Common Sense Kids Action action divided those votes into four categories: Early Life, Family Life, School Life, and Digital Life. Twenty-five "For Kids" bills were signed into law, and three more enacted through the budget; one key "Against Kids" bill was defeated.

"While there is a lot of work to be done, it is clear that kids and parents are finding their voice at the California Capitol," said James P. Steyer, CEO of Common Sense Media. "Families need to make informed, smart decisions about who should represent their communities. Who is ‘For Kids' and who is ‘Against Kids'?"

"To the legislators who supported kids and families, we say, ‘Thank you,'" Steyer added. "To the Travis Allen's of the world, who vote against kids a vast majority of the time, we vow to let parents and families know your track record. Our kids deserve your support."


  • Each Senator and Assemblymember was scored on votes on 56 For and Against Kids bills.
  • Scores were calculated as a percentage of For or Against Kids votes that each legislator had the opportunity to make either in committees or in their house.
  • Average scores in each house were relatively high, with the Assembly scoring an average 84.1 percent and the Senate 84.5 percent.

See full results and bill list here:

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