Common Sense Kids Action Blasts Greedy Tech Industry and Their Legions of Lobbyists over Teddy Bear and Toaster Act Lies

Statement from James P. Steyer, Founder and CEO of Common Sense

Common Sense Media
Friday, June 2, 2017

"The tech industry will stop at nothing to protect their profits, even when it means risking the privacy of kids and families. Thanks to California State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson, author of SB 327 (the Teddy Bear and Toaster Act), the California legislature has an opportunity to pass a bill that would provide commonsense privacy protections for people who buy connected devices like toasters and toys.

"Over the last several weeks, behind closed doors at the state capitol, the tech industry's lobbyists have been spreading misleading information to policymakers about what this bill would and would not do. Once again, instead of spending resources on protecting kids, families, and consumers, the industry is spending resources fighting bills that would protect them.

"We can assure you that over the next several months, Common Sense Kids Action will make it clear for all to see what the industry is attempting to do at the expense of kids and families. Every policymaker and parent will know exactly what the Teddy Bear and Toaster Act will do for kids and families and what we will do to hold the tech industry accountable for their actions.

"Given the anti-consumer position of the tech industry, we are strongly considering sponsoring an initiative that would bring this issue straight to the people of California -- people whom the industry clearly only care about profiting off of, and not protecting.

"We commend Senator Jackson for starting this process, and we are committed to standing with her over the next year to see that this bill becomes a law."


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