Common Sense Kids Action Reacts to the FCC Blocking Companies From Participating in Lifeline Program

Statement from Danny Weiss, VP for Federal Policy of Common Sense Kids Action

Common Sense Media
Friday, February 3, 2017

"We are very concerned that this action by the FCC will increase, not reduce, the digital divide that the chairman has pledged to address and that remains a serious problem for low-income school children and their families. We can and must continue to work together toward the goal of connecting every household in America to affordable high-speed internet."

About Common Sense Kids Action
The mission of Common Sense Kids Action, the advocacy arm of national nonprofit Common Sense, is to make kids America's top priority. With over 65 million users, more than 300,000 educators, and potential advocates in every home and school across the nation, Common Sense is building a movement dedicated to ensuring that every child can thrive in our rapidly changing world. Common Sense Kids Action fights on behalf of families everywhere -- in our home state of California, in our nation's capital, and in states across the country, where we franchise winning ideas and legislative efforts that help all kids thrive.

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