Common Sense Kids Action Supports California's New Minimum Wage Agreement

Landmark Minimum Wage Agreement Gets a "For Kids" Rating From Common Sense Kids Action

Common Sense Media
Monday, March 28, 2016

Once again California is leading the nation in providing Common Sense support to families. We are excited to see our leaders come together to make raising the minimum wage a priority, because it is one of the most effective ways to support California's kids. It is especially important for women, who make up nearly 60% of all minimum wage earners in the state, most of whom are the sole or co-breadwinner for their families.

Common Sense Kids Action is officially awarding the landmark minimum wage agreement with a "For Kids" designation as part of its Legislative Ratings program that rates bills based on how the potential law would help or harm kids. Common Sense Legislative Ratings highlights, publicizes, and advocates for bills that would significantly help kids -- and exposes bills that would appreciably harm kids. For more information, visit