Common Sense Kids Action Urges FCC to Reject Current Lifeline Proposal

Statement from James P. Steyer, Founder and CEO of Common Sense

Common Sense Media
Thursday, November 9, 2017

Common Sense Kids Action joined a diverse group of civil rights, racial justice, media, technology, library, arts, and consumer advocates in urging the FCC to reject the current Lifeline proposal. Please see the letter and coalition press release for more information.

"Chairman Pai's Lifeline proposal is a massive step backwards for our country. Technology is integral to success in our world and thanks to Lifeline, we've been able to make great progress in reaching our goal of providing every child with high-speed internet access. With one in four lower-income children still without internet access, we still have work to do.

"Fortunately, seventy percent of the public supports the federal government helping working and low-income families afford broadband. It appears that the Chairman of the FCC doesn't care and wants to reverse much of the progress we've made over the last several decades. The fact of the matter is, Chairman Pai's decisions have repeatedly prioritized corporations and profits over people, even when those choices clearly hurt children, families, and the long-term future of our country. We strongly urge the Commissioners to use some common sense and give a thumbs down to this damaging and misguided proposal that would leave countless low-income families with no internet access, and would leave a generation of Americans with virtually no access to the technology necessary to help them compete with their peers here and abroad."