Common Sense Media and Google Team Up to Help Parents Keep Kids Safe and Smart Online

Kids today are spending more and more time online – doing homework, exploring their interests, and socializing with one another.

Common Sense Media
Tuesday, March 25, 2008

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Kids today are spending more and more time online – doing homework, exploring their interests, and socializing with one another. As a fixture in kids' lives, the Web offers great potential for learning and communications, but it can also pose some worries for moms and dads.

To help families make sure that kids get the most out of the Internet and use it in a safe and smart way, Common Sense Media and Google have teamed up to produce a short video that gives parents easy-to-implement suggestions for making Web surfing safer. The video, "A Common Sense Approach to Internet Safety," will be featured in Google's new "Tips for Online Safety" Web page, which will be launched today (

"As a mom, I know that it's hard to find that balance between the wonders and the worries of the Web for our kids," said Common Sense Media President Anne Zehren. "At Common Sense, we hear frequently from moms and dads who are concerned about what their kids will be exposed to online. We know that the Internet can present a daunting challenge for parents. That's why we got together with Google to produce this video: to provide realistic, easy-to-implement tips for making the Web a positive part of kids' lives."

A 2006 poll commissioned by Common Sense Media found that among television,
radio, and other media, 74 percent of parents identified the Internet as
offering the best opportunities to learn and grow. But, in the same poll, 85
percent of parents said that the Internet was also the riskiest medium for kids.

"Google and Common Sense share a commitment to online safety education and
awareness," said Elliot Schrage, vice president of global communications and
public affairs at Google. "Working together, we can help parents and kids take
advantage of tools that help put them in control of their online experiences and
make Web surfing safer."

The Internet Safety Video will be available in Google's "Tips for Online
Safety" Web page, on YouTube, and through the video-on-demand services of Common
Sense Media's cable partners, which include Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and Cox.
These partners reach more than 40 million American homes.

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