Common Sense Media and OpenAI Partner to Help Teens and Families Safely Harness the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

Common Sense Media
Monday, January 29, 2024

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 29, 2024—Today, Common Sense Media, the nation's leading advocacy group for children and families, announced a partnership with OpenAI to help realize the full potential of AI for teens and families and minimize the risks. The two organizations will initially collaborate on AI guidelines and education materials for parents, educators and young people, as well as a curation of family-friendly GPTs in the GPT Store based on Common Sense ratings and standards.

"AI offers incredible benefits for families and teens, and our partnership with Common Sense will further strengthen our safety work, ensuring that families and teens can use our tools with confidence," said Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI.

"Together, Common Sense and OpenAI will work to make sure that AI has a positive impact on all teens and families," said James P. Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense Media. "Our guides and curation will be designed to educate families and educators about safe, responsible use of ChatGPT, so that we can collectively avoid any unintended consequences of this emerging technology."

Altman and Steyer announced the partnership while onstage at the Common Sense Summit for America's Kids and Families. For more information, please visit

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About OpenAI

OpenAI, established in December 2015, is a prominent AI research lab with a mission to advance artificial intelligence in a way that is safe, responsible, and universally beneficial. Renowned for its pioneering work in natural language processing, exemplified by projects like ChatGPT, OpenAI has significantly influenced the advertising industry.

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