Common Sense Media Applauds New Call for Greater Access to Affordable, High Quality Child Care for America’s Youngest Children

Statement from Jim Steyer, Founder and CEO of Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media
Thursday, January 22, 2015

San Francisco, CA -- Common Sense Media CEO and Founder Jim Steyer issued the following statement today after President Obama announced his proposal to significantly increase support to low-income and middle class families to find and pay for child care for their children under the age of four.

"Every working parent with young children knows how important affordable, quality child care is – important for the safety and education of their infants and toddlers and important for them as working people trying to make ends meet while raising a family.

"The President today launched a critical challenge to Congress and the country to make investments in our youngest children a top priority. Common Sense Media strongly endorses this emphasis on child care and early learning and believes it is an essential step toward reshaping our nation's top priorities in the direction of kids and education – right where our priorities ought to be."

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