Common Sense Media CEO James P. Steyer Urges Delaware Governor to Sign Privacy Bills

Statement issued on SB 79 and SB 68

Common Sense Media
Friday, June 26, 2015

"The right to individual privacy is alive and well in the state of Delaware. With the passage of Senate Bill 79, lawmakers in The First State showed they are understanding of the protections needed to ensure the privacy and security of students' personal and academic data in 21st century classrooms.

Democrats and Republicans came together to protect the private information of Delaware students. Delaware's action is a major step forward in creating a trusted online learning environment for our kids, and a reminder to the education technology industry that school data is for educational purposes. Period.

Notably, SB 79 is also carefully drafted to help foster research and innovation, so industry may improve educational products and provide customized and digital learning for students

We applaud Attorney General Denn, Rep. Jaques (D- Glasgow), Rep. Ramone (R – Middle Run Valley) and Sen. Sokola (D- Newark), the bill's primary sponsor in the General Assembly for making student data privacy a top priority in Delaware. The bill is based on a landmark California law, the Student Online Privacy and Information Protection Act (SOPIPA), and follows the lead of legislators in 12 states in 2015 that have introduced SOPIPA like legislation.

The General Assembly has also sent Senate Bill No. 68 to Gov. Markell. The bill includes special protections for children beyond the schoolhouse, to help foster safe online spaces where they will not be exposed to ads for dangerous, age-inappropriate products like alcohol, tobacco, and guns. And, it would protect minors' personal information, prohibiting online companies from compiling or disclosing this information to market prohibited products.

We encourage Gov. Markell to sign both bills without delay."

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