Common Sense Partners with the Arizona Community Foundation, the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, and the Phoenix IDA for Statewide Digital Well-Being Effort

Common Sense Opens a Phoenix Office at the Getz Center for Collaborative Philanthropy. Statewide Effort Promotes Free K–12 Digital Citizenship Lessons for Every School; Provides Parent & Community Resources to Protect Kids' Digital Well-Being

Common Sense Media
Thursday, August 30, 2018

SAN FRANCISCO -- Common Sense, the nation's leading nonprofit organization dedicated to helping kids thrive in a world of media and technology, today announced that it has partnered with the Arizona Community Foundation, the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust, and the Phoenix IDA on a statewide digital well-being initiative.

The effort, which will run out of Phoenix from the Getz Center for Collaborative Philanthropy, will spearhead three statewide initiatives:

  1. To raise awareness among the state's parents, teachers, and educators about the impact of media and technology on children and their developing minds.
  2. To build families and educators' knowledge, skills, and confidence in how to promote their children's digital well-being and guide them in using technology safely and responsibly.
  3. To empower Arizona's youth to use technology safely and responsibly.

"While technology can transform how children learn, it also has the power to harm their cognitive, social, and emotional development," said Gene D'Adamo, president and CEO of the Nina Mason Pulliam Charitable Trust. "We're helping bring Common Sense to Arizona so parents and educators will have the resources they need to help children benefit from technology's many merits, while safely navigating the digital universe."

"Together with our founding Arizona partners, Common Sense is excited to help Arizona children and families harness the power of media and tech for life and learning, maximizing the positive effects, and minimizing the potential downsides," said James P. Steyer, CEO of Common Sense.

To achieve these goals, Common Sense will develop partnerships with school districts, community organizations, universities, health care providers, early childhood organizations, and other community-based groups to provide them with:

  • Gold-standard parenting resources in English and Spanish, such as Top Picks lists for great advice videos and media, tip sheets, and posters addressing topics such as digital addiction, social media, cyberbullying, and more.
  • An award-winning Digital Citizenship Curriculum designed in collaboration with the Harvard Graduate School of Education, which includes:
    • Over 65 media-rich lessons with 40+ videos that cover topics such as digital balance, privacy, cyberbullying, and online reputation and identity.
  • A complementary suite of student-facing digital interactive learning tools.
  • Resources to foster parent engagement and a school-to-home connectionaround issues related to media and technology.
  • Tips, tools, hands-on support, and professional development to help educators implement Common Sense resources and use technology to propel student learning.

In addition to these programs, Common Sense will identify key action areas for statewide policy efforts, such as pioneering digital citizenship legislation as well as data privacy protection for students and families.

"Common Sense's award-winning Digital Citizenship Curriculum -- alongside their robust parenting advice and advocacy work -- will help parents and educators in Arizona set young people on a path to thrive in school and in the 21st-century economy," said Steve Seleznow, president and CEO of the Arizona Community Foundation.

"Providing children, specifically those in underserved areas, with access to technology remains a focus for us," said Phoenix IDA CEO Juan Salgado. "We've invested in Common Sense to ensure that children, parents, and educators can access tools that maximize the benefits of media and technology in a safe environment."

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