Gun Control Laws Are Common Sense

Statement from James P. Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense

Common Sense Media
Monday, August 5, 2019

There is no place for violence in our country, in our communities, and online. It's critical that Congress acts immediately to ensure that our country has responsible gun laws so the nation doesn't have to wake up to the horror of yet another mass shooting.

A lack of sensible gun reform laws combined with escalating hate and extremism puts our country at a point of crisis. Immigrants and communities of color are being unfairly targeted, and kids and families don't feel safe, online or in their communities.

The online hate speech epidemic will only continue to grow until tech companies are held accountable for hosting hate. It's time for Congress to amend Section 230, which protects tech companies from any liability for their sites' content.

We call on our nation's leaders to act now on behalf of kids, families, and our communities so that everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from, is safe from violence and hate.

Free tips and resources for parents from Common Sense Media
We know the news and images of these shootings can be traumatic for young kids. Here are some tips for talking to kids about violence.

For young kids age 2–6:

  1. Avoid discussion of or exposure to really horrific news.

  2. Don't bring it up—unless you think they know something.

  3. Affirm that your family's safe.

  4. Simplify complex ideas—and move on.

  5. Distinguish between "real" and "pretend."

For tweens age 7–12:

  1. Wait and see to get a sense of what your kids know.

  2. Talk … and listen.

  3. Be honest and direct.

  4. Discuss sensationalism in news and media.

  5. Explain context and offer perspective.

For teens:

  1. Assume they know—but don't assume their knowledge is complete.

  2. Get them talking.

  3. Accept their sources, but expand their horizons.

  4. Offer hope.

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