Hearing in DC on the Proposed Federal Student Privacy Law

Statement from Jim Steyer, Founder and CEO of Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media
Thursday, February 12, 2015

San Francisco, CA-- Common Sense Media CEO and Founder Jim Steyer issued the following statement today in support of efforts to advance a proposed federal student privacy law.

"It is extremely encouraging to see our nation's leaders addressing the fact that current federal laws are insufficient to protect the privacy and security of students' personal information in today's connected classrooms. That must change and it must happen quickly as their sensitive data is at risk. We accomplished this in California with landmark legislation that protects the privacy of students like no other law in the nation. We look forward to working with Congress to help create a trusted online learning environment, where industry can innovate, schools can provide state-of-the-art digital learning tools, and our schoolchildren can use engaging educational websites, apps, and other technology to enrich their learning, without fear that their sensitive personal information will be exploited for commercial purposes or fall into the wrong hands."

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