Jim Steyer, Founder and CEO of Common Sense, Issues Statement in Response to Facebook’s Announcement to Pause Plans To Build IG for Kids

Common Sense Media
Monday, September 27, 2021

"Instagram for Kids was a bad idea from day one. Make no mistake that they are still going to try to build it. Their announcement that they are "pausing" plans so that they can instead try to convince parents and anyone who will listen that there is a need for social media for kids under 13 is further proof that they don't care about the harmful impacts social media has on the development of kids. The only thing they care about is hooking kids when they are most vulnerable, keeping them on the platform and getting access to as much of their personal data as possible. This is their business model that generates billions of dollars and they are not going to jeopardize that. This is why advocates, policymakers, and parents have to continue to keep the spotlight on Facebook and hold them accountable."


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