Obama Points to Common Sense as Model for Empowering Parents

Obama cites Common Sense Media as a model for using technology to empower parents in his technology policy plan

Common Sense Media
Thursday, November 15, 2007

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Presidential candidate Barack Obama on Wednesday released a detailed technology policy plan in which he cited Common Sense Media as a model for using technology to empower parents in today's digital media age.

In a section on how to protect children while preserving the First Amendment, Obama's proposal notes that "Private entities like Common Sense Media are pursuing a ‘sanity not censorship' approach, which can serve as a model for how to use technology to empower parents without offending the First Amendment."

"We are glad to hear Senator Obama addressing the kids-and-media issues that are important to millions of parents across the country," said Common Sense Media CEO James Steyer. "And we look forward to hearing where the other candidates stand on these issues in the coming weeks and months."

After studying and prioritizing the kids-and-media issues that are important to families across America, Common Sense Media developed a questionnaire for the presidential candidates. Major candidates from both parties have responded with their thoughts on issues including the media's role in the childhood obesity epidemic and how to make the Internet safer for kids. Common Sense will release the candidates' responses after the Thanksgiving holiday.

"Creating an environment in which kids and families can get the best and avoid the worst of media will take the combined efforts of business leaders, parents, and lawmakers from across the political spectrum," Steyer said. "As the leading nonpartisan voice on the media's impact on kids, we hope the 2008 presidential campaign will open up a dialogue about how these stakeholders can work together to improve the media landscape for our children."

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