Oregon Gov. Kate Brown Signs Student Privacy Legislation

Statement from Jim Steyer, Common Sense CEO and Founder

Common Sense Media
Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Jim Steyer, Common Sense CEO and Founder, released the following statement regarding Oregon Student Privacy Bill SB187A:

"As we embrace new education technology in our schools and classrooms, we must ensure that students' personal information is protected, secure, and used only for educational purposes.

To their credit, Oregon lawmakers, the Attorney General, and the Governor have worked hard to address student privacy, an issue that is clearly of great importance to parents and schools across the country in our increasingly digital world. But we have more work to do to protect student privacy in Oregon and we look forward to the opportunity to work with Oregon lawmakers in 2016 to strengthen OSIPA.

Common Sense Kids Action and other advocates were able to stave off some special interest amendments that would have harmed students' privacy interests, including one that would have allowed for consent from students as young as 12 to dictate how student personal information collected in the classroom could be shared by third party vendors.

Oregon students, families, and educators deserve a trusted online environment, so they can use innovative new digital learning tools with confidence, and without fear that their personal information will be exploited or fall into the wrong hands."

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