Statement on New Bipartisan Comprehensive Privacy Draft Legislation Announcement

Common Sense Media
Friday, June 3, 2022

SAN FRANCISCO, June 3, 2022— A bipartisan group of top lawmakers in Congress reached a deal today on data privacy legislation that would ban targeted advertising to children and teens under 17 years old, and allow older consumers to opt out of this advertising. It would also require companies to minimize the amount of data they collect and share on consumers, and give consumers strong civil rights protections. Jim Steyer, founder and CEO of Common Sense Media, the largest organization dedicated to children and technology, issued the following statement on the bill.

"Common Sense is encouraged by the draft bipartisan comprehensive privacy legislation unveiled today. We will continue to review it in greater detail but we believe it has a number of important elements that are very promising, including for children and teens. At the same time, we think negotiators can and must strengthen sections of this draft that specifically pertain to minors.

"We have made the case for years that stronger privacy protections for kids and families is the first step to making the internet a healthier and safer place for young people and all consumers. We have been disappointed that this issue, which the vast majority of Americans believe should be addressed, has eluded agreement for too long. This is the year that there should be, once and for all, a national privacy law agreement.

"The perfect should not be the enemy of the good. We believe this draft should include stronger protections, but that there is a lot here, and certainly enough for leaders in the House and Senate to do the hard work now and reach a landmark privacy agreement this year."


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