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Jill Murphy

Editor in Chief, Head of Distribution

Jill Murphy is Editor in Chief, Head of Distribution at Common Sense Media and serves as a strategic leader within the organization. Jill joined Common Sense in January 2005, built the editorial department with founding editor-in-chief Liz Perle. She oversees the ratings and reviews for all media channels including movies, streaming, TV, games, websites, apps, and books. She also oversees the content strategy and development for parenting advice. Jill also works closely with content partners including SkyUK, Hulu, Charter, DirecTV, Comcast, Netflix, Target.com, ATT, and more to further leverage the library of Common Sense Media reviews and advice.

In her time with Common Sense Media, Jill has been instrumental in evolving our ratings, reviews, and advice to keep up with where parents are. She has overseen the creation of our For Your Family recommendation engine, worked to refine and enhance the rating process, and continues to ensure the latest research on kids and media is incorporated into Common Sense advice and reviews. She has been involved in countless product launches, all while keeping the team on schedule to produce thousands of new reviews and hundreds of recommendation lists, each year.

Jill's commitment to Common Sense affords her the opportunity to help families avoid the TV shows she is devoted to. She serves as the resident expert on any and all reality TV, late '80s/'90s sitcoms, and other useless pop culture trivia that she claims is "for work." Jill holds a BA from San Francisco State University in broadcast and electronic communication arts, with an emphasis on writing and media literacy.

Current favorites: Real Housewives of any city, Ted Lasso, Nora from Queens

Won't Stop, Must-Watch, but Can't Sleep Afterwards: The Handmaid's Tale

Kid Favorites: Little Lunch, Odd Squad, Inbestigators, Just Add Magic, Summer Camp Island, and Project Mc2

Can't Wait For More: The Crown, Stranger Things, Succession

Still mourning: Parenthood, Downton Abbey, Friday Night Lights, Strangers with Candy

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