Headshot of Kelly Mendoza, Ph.D.

Kelly Mendoza, Ph.D.

Vice President, Education Programs

Kelly Mendoza oversees digital citizenship education content and strategy for Common Sense Education, including the Digital Citizenship Curriculum, interactive games, professional development, and family education. She has experience developing research-based curricula in digital citizenship, media literacy, information literacy, and social-emotional learning (SEL). Kelly knows what it takes to build education content and programs from the ground up, including defining learning competencies and content strategy for curriculum, developing learning management systems, professional development, implementation and outreach support, and managing a team of education program designers. Her goal is to create curricula and programs that help students think critically about the media they consume and create, and to help schools create a positive culture around media and technology. She also has developed education resources and curricula for Classroom Champions, Resilient Educator, Lucas Learning, Media Education Lab, and PBS's Frontline. Kelly has a Ph.D. in Media and Communication from Temple University.