Headshot of Merve Lapus

Merve Lapus

Vice President of Outreach & National Partnerships, Common Sense Education

Merve is responsible for the overall outreach strategy and national partnerships for Common Sense Education and oversees a team that works directly with leadership to impact communities using technology for learning and life. Collaborating with school networks, state-level organizations, community leaders, and national partners, Merve is committed to fostering a whole-community approach to digital well-being, and establishing supportive learning spaces for all children and families to thrive in a world with media and technology.

Merve has over 17 years of experience driving education technology initiatives across school programs, and building educator confidence through professional development and strategic implementation. Merve continues to keynote education-based events across the United States and delivers professional development to school networks, districts, and major conferences. He sits on a number of steering committees addressing school climate and state policy initiatives within his local counties and currently sits on the Marketing and Communications Board for the University of San Francisco.

Merve holds a B.A. in psychology and sociology from the University of San Francisco and is often behind a camera snapping pictures of his wife and two daughters dancing around the Bay Area. You can follow him on Twitter @molapus and email him directly at [email protected].