Cover of the report, featuring the report title and digital image of a girl and boy infographic.

Connection and Control: Case Studies of Media Use Among Lower-Income Minority Youth and Parents

Tweens and teens are more connected to their digital lives than ever, especially at home. However, different children use media in different ways, depending on their age, living circumstances, interests, access, and a range of other considerations. A recent report from Common Sense revealed that lower-income and minority youth spend a greater number of hours per day using media than their higher-income, non-minority peers.
This ethnographic study explores the real lives behind the numbers. The report draws from personal interviews with lower-income minority families, providing a window into how technology integrates into kids' lives and affects their well-being.
Case studies are a helpful tool to better understand the lived experiences of youth and their families. The report is based on 11 case studies of African-American and Latino children between the ages of 11 and 15 from households receiving free and reduced school lunch.