Report cover with black and white image of woman and young girl.

The State of Kids and Families in America 2024

The 2024 election is already proving to be one of the most consequential for American kids and families. Every issue taking the stage—including mental health and the economy—is a high-stakes one for families across the country. But we're also entering this election cycle with an electorate that is more deeply divided than ever before.

This new set of surveys—one of likely 2024 voters, and another of kids and teens age 12–17, conducted in English and Spanish in November 2023 by Lake Research Partners and Echelon Insights on behalf of Common Sense Media—illuminates the state of kids and families in the U.S. by exploring voters' and young people's current concerns, their hopes for the future, and the solutions that they believe can make real change.

What the surveys show is that everyone—Democrat and Republican, parent and nonparent—has concerns for the future of America's children. And more importantly, there are similarly bipartisan desires for the government to take action to better support kids and families. For all voters, kids and families are intrinsically connected to concerns about the economy. There is broad support for improving education, and mental health is squarely on their agenda. And contrary to conventional wisdom, voters across party lines favor investment in kids and families, see a role for government, and think that politicians are failing to deliver. 

For over 20 years we have been helping parents, educators, policymakers, industry leaders, and more understand just how important it is to put kids and families first when it comes to building a safer, healthier digital landscape. These results align with that perspective—and show that voters across the country agree we need more policies that improve the lives of kids and families.



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