Common Sense Together:

Building a Better Tomorrow

September 16, 2020

Livestream 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET

Never has our mission at Common Sense been more important. Whether it's addressing the digital divide, supporting families and schools in transitioning to remote learning, or pressuring the technology industry to stop hate speech, Common Sense is leading the way toward a healthier, more just and equitable digital future for our children. 

To support these efforts, we are bringing our Common Sense community together for an inspiring virtual fundraiser with special guests, hopeful reflections, and a provocative conversation about educational equity. We are excited to make this event free to everyone, and deeply appreciate donations of any amount.


Margaret Spellings

Texas 2036 President and CEO,

Former Secretary of Education for 

the Bush Administration

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Geoffrey Canada

Harlem Children's Zone Board President, 

Founder, and Former CEO

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Arne Duncan

Emerson Collective Managing Partner,

Former Secretary of Education for 

the Obama Administration

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Julián Castro

Former Secretary of HUD for 

the Obama Administration

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Emily Chang

Anchor and Executive Producer, 

Bloomberg TV

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Elizabeth and Lee Ainslie

Sheikha Al-Mayassa Al-Thani

Diana Nelson and John Atwater

Lynne and Marc Benioff 

Marcy Carsey

Ann and Paul Chen

April and John Delaney 

Jennifer Caldwell and John H.N. Fisher

Margaret and William Hearst

Cecilia and Jim Herbert

Sonia and Paul Tudor Jones

Stefanie Huie and David Lee

Rochelle and David Ludwig

Kristin Vogelsong and Zander Lurie

Meredith and Jonathan Meeks

Jessica and Jason Moment

Becky and Jim Morgan

Laurie and Josh Olshansky

Eva and Bill Price

Elizabeth and Andrew Spokes

Kat Taylor and Tom Steyer 

Tracy and Gene Sykes

Fleur Fairman and Tim Wallach


Jody and Scott Adair

Debbe and Peter Adamson

Lin Oliver and Alan Baker

Kathy and Frank Baxter

Lainie and Dave Becky

Genevieve and Jeff Boron

Reveta and Bob Bowers

Aileen Adams and Geoff Cowan

Susanne and Greg Daniels

Whitney and Lanse Davis

Roberta and Steve Denning

Nora and Ali Diab

Sarah and Jason DiLullo

Georgia and Breck Eisner

Jessica Capshaw and Christopher Gavigan

Ann and Jim Gianopulos

Caroline and Spencer Greenwald

Sarah Speakman and Marshall Haines

Katie Hall and Tom Knutsen 

Calgary Avansino and Donald LaVigne

Susan Disney Lord and Scott R. Lord

Julie and Dan Lythcott-Haims

Susan McCaw

Andrea and Robert McTamaney

Anna Morfit

Gigi and Averell Mortimer

Sabina and David Nathanson

JaMel and Thomas Perkins

Lauren Shortt and Michael Pinto

Adam Larson and Brian Robinson

Stephanie and Mark Robinson

Karen and Patrick Ryan

Susan Sachs

Jana Winograde and Todd Sandler

Karen Kehela Sherwood and Ben Sherwood

Samira and Jeff Sine 

Hilary and John Somorjai

Tara and Scott Sorensen

Laura Fox and Ben Van de Bunt

Julie Chung and Kent Yu


Thank you to the following foundations and corporations for supporting Wide Open School and our advocacy efforts to close the digital divide.

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