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Building a Broad Coalition to Support Digital Citizenship

Common Sense Kids Action partners with national organizations to expand model digital citizenship legislation in 2017.

Last week Common Sense Kids Action announced our intention to introduce and expand model digital citizenship legislation in 2017. We are happy to announce two partner organizations: Media Literacy Now and the National Association of Media Literacy Education (NAMLE).


The legislation calls for:

  • the creation of a state-based advisory committee composed of educators, administrators, researchers, and parents who will work under the oversight of the state education agency;
  • and a mandate that districts must annually review their policies and procedures on digital citizenship, internet safety, and media literacy.

The advisory committee will:

  • develop best practices, resources, and models for instruction in digital citizenship, internet safety, and media literacy;
  • and develop strategies that will support school districts in local implementation of the best practices and recommendations developed, including strategies for delivering professional development to educators and administrators.

Our organizations believe in a comprehensive approach to digital citizenship and media literacy legislation that engages thought leaders, educators, parents, and policymakers in an effort to develop the protections necessary for our children to capitalize on the greater opportunities provided by the advancement of technology in the classroom.

The legislation is similar to Washington Senate Bill 6273 and builds upon the success of activists in this field such as Claire Beach and Senator Marko Liias.

Common Sense has been a leading resource for school administrators, educators, and parents interested in learning additional ways to help kids thrive in a world driven by media and technology. We believe good online behavior mimics good offline behavior and that there is no differentiating between the two when it comes to safety, responsibility, and respect.

At Common Sense Kids Action, we're working every day to make the world a better place for kids. Join our efforts to make kids our nation's top priority -- become a Kids Action Advocate today!

JR Starrett
JR oversees Let's Invest Large in Youth (LILY), a multi state program for Common Sense Kids Action. In this capacity JR works with a team of internal and external stakeholders to identify and introduce state based legislation that will positively impact kids. Prior to joining Common Sense, JR served as a seasoned political operative managing campaign efforts for some of the nation’s most competitive races. JR was recognized as a Rising Star by Campaigns and Elections magazine in 2014. He currently lives in San Francisco with his wife Morgan. JR is a frequent contributor to Campaigns and Elections Magazine, contributing to the Campaign Insider column.