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California Voters Want Action to Address Teacher Shortage

Kids need quality teachers in order to succeed. That's why we support the funding of teacher preparation and development programs in the CA state budget.

A new Field Poll released this week highlights California voters' concern about the state's developing K–12 teacher shortage.

Common Sense Kids Action shares that concern. We believe we must ensure that every student has highly qualified teachers to help them learn the skills required to be successful in college and their careers.

Sixty-four percent of voters describe the situation as "very serious," and 65 percent believe it is "extremely important" for the state to do more to encourage people to enter the teaching profession. It's time to take action.

That's why Common Sense Kids Action this year supported the state budget's allocation of $500 million for teacher preparation and development programs. We also supported legislation -- which this poll suggests is supported by 85 percent of California voters -- to reduce the financial cost of becoming a teacher. And we supported another bill to ensure that new teachers receive the training they need without facing huge financial hurdles.

It's clear from this poll that voters want action taken now to make sure that the emerging teacher shortage doesn't become a crisis negatively affecting our kids' ability to succeed. This issue is a focus of our 2016 California agenda. You can help us achieve this goal by clicking here to sign up to be a Common Sense Kids Advocate.

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