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Kids' Rights Are Human Rights

Support Senate Bill 18 (SB 18) the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California.

As a parent, I know the great dreams and aspirations I have for my children. I want them to be safe and healthy and learn the skills they'll need to succeed for a lifetime.

I also know that far too many children and families need more support. While California has the sixth-largest economy in the word, our children rank 47th in terms of their economic well-being. One in four of our children doesn't have enough to eat every day. Three-quarters of our children don't receive important health screenings.

That's just not acceptable. We have to do better by our kids.

Common Sense Kids Action has been working to make kids our state and nation's top priority. We need a vision to accomplish this goal, one that defines what every child in California has the right to expect, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, religion, immigration status, or ability. And then we will need to hold our elected officials -- and ourselves -- accountable for making it happen.

That's why I'm excited to share with you that a new Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California (SB 18) has recently been introduced in the California State Legislature. With Senate Bill 18 (SB 18), Senator Dr. Richard Pan has started the process of laying out a vision of the kinds of comprehensive and research-based supports every one of our state's children should have a right to access.

On Thursday, I stood with Senator Pan for the formal announcement of SB 18 and officially launch our campaign to build support for this bill that will once and for all make kids our state's top priority.

SB 18 declares that all children have the inalienable right to live in a just, safe, healthy, and supportive society. It's a strong message that we need to send if we're going to reverse the horrible trends I mentioned above.

That's why as a parent and a children's advocate, I'm asking you to join me by signing on as a supporter of the Bill of Rights for Children and Youth today.

The Bill of Rights for Children and Youth outlines the health, safety, well-being, early childhood and educational opportunities, and family supports we believe are necessary for all children to succeed and thrive. SB 18 will serve as a rallying point for a statewide conversation about what we must do to help our kids.

Over the next year, Common Sense Kids Action is collaborating with Senator Pan to host conversations statewide with parents and children's advocates like you. Input from those conversations will be used to add important details to the framework of SB 18 that help shape this important vision. As dates are released, I invite you to participate and share your thoughts and experiences.

Isn't it time to make sure all California children have access to high-quality early child care and preschool? For every child to have the ability to get an appointment with a doctor or dentist? For parents to have the tools they need to nurture their children's brain development?

Our kids need more.

Please join me in defining a Bill of Rights for Children and Youth in California, and support SB 18. Help us make sure every child in our state has access to the child care, health care, and education they need to succeed. Help us empower parents and ensure that every California child can access the tools and supports they need to thrive.

Attend a Parent Meetup today!

Liz Hegarty