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Take Action for Kids' Digital Well-Being

Common Sense Kids Action is ready to fight fake news, battle for kids' online safety and privacy, and make the internet a place where our future thrives.

Kids, families, and educators come to Common Sense for guidance on what to watch, play, read, and learn; how to become good digital citizens; and how to navigate technology and its role in our lives. Kids Action is our policy arm, where we advocate for commonsense solutions for kids in the digital age.

Kids Action is ready to fight fake news, battle for kids' online safety and privacy, and make the internet a place where our future thrives. We are committed to kids' overall well-being and will continue to highlight laws and lawmakers in California that are working For Kids (and point out those that are Against Kids). But our focus nationwide will be on kids' digital well-being, and we will leverage our expertise as an organization to identify opportunities to better support the most tracked, exposed, and vulnerable generation online: young people.

We've heard the growing concern from parents, educators, and researchers about the physical, mental, and societal effects of technology, especially on kids, and about the need for true media balance. And at the same time there are still young people without regular access to the internet, to the world of opportunity tech can provide. With our Truth About Tech campaign, Kids Action is focused on fostering change in the tech industry to encourage companies to move from an attention-based business model to one that operates in kids' best interests. We are focused on four core areas:

  • Kids' privacy is essential for their online safety and security, and we are aiming for comprehensive data and security protections for all consumers, especially kids.

  • It's critical that tech platforms are clear about the source of the content they publish and that news literacy is a priority. We're advocating for social media platforms that won't erode our democracy and for the spread of digital citizenship learning throughout U.S. schools to foster more informed internet users.

  • The digital divide is still driving inequality, and we must ensure that all kids have access to the opportunities technology can offer. We are tracking legislation and working to ensure that digital equity programs remain a resource for vulnerable communities.

  • Changes in how we interact with technology should be informed by independent research. We need to learn more about the impacts of technology on kids' well-being, both positive and negative.

And just like we rate content for kids, we rate bills that affect kids. We are starting to track laws covering digital well-being nationwide, rating them "For Kids" or "Against Kids," and we have a tool (just updated!) so you can contact your lawmaker to show your support or concern. Check out our ratings of California bills For Kids, and stay tuned for ratings of legislation throughout the country that aims to support kids' digital well-being.

Common Sense is here to ensure that kids are equipped with the tools they need to succeed; that students who need access to broadband and computers have them; that kids' interactions with digital platforms are focused on learning and discovery; and that technology furthers their role as vibrant digital citizens.

Elizabeth Galicia