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3 Spooky Ways Congress Is Trying to Limit Kids’ Access to Health Care

This Halloween, beware of these new actions in Washington.

Halloween is here! All throughout the nation, ghosts, ghouls, and witches alike will wander our neighborhood streets. But there are a few things brewing in Congress that should spook parents beyond Oct. 31. Read on to learn more about new and persisting bills that stand against kids this season:

Tricks, not Treats, for Kids' Health Care

While kids don't appreciate a trip to the doctor as much as free candy, this care is critical for their development. The Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) that covers almost 9 million kids expired on Sept. 30. Millions of families will face a real-life horror show if Congress doesn't move to replenish CHIP's funds— some states are already preparing to freeze enrollments. Tell your member of Congress to support the bipartisan plan to reauthorize CHIP.

"Zombie" Repeal-and-Replace Bill Emerges

Advocates like you helped kill the dangerous efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act not once, but twice! Unfortunately, this "Against Kids" plan has risen from the dead once more. The Brady-Hatch plan would, among other things, end the requirement that employers provide insurance for workers, a move that would likely throw millions off their insurance. Tell your member of Congress to support the Murray-Alexander plan that would stabilize the health care markets without any bad deals for kids and families.

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Medicaid Slashed in New Budget

The budget resolution passed by the Senate earlier in October contained a scary surprise for kids and families: a $1 trillion cut to the Medicaid program on which 37 million kids rely. This goes even further than the budget the president released this summer, which itself cut the vital federal-state health care program by $880 billion, or 47 percent. Tell your member of Congress to reject any budget that contains deep Medicaid cuts.

Kelsey Kober
Policy Associate