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A Second Chance at Stopping Tobacco

Let's keep tobacco products as far away from our kids as possible.

In late May, Common Sense Kids Action threw its support behind California's Senate Bill 140, which would subject electronic cigarettes to common-sense regulations. Quite simply, the bill would redefine "tobacco products" to include new vaporization technology, such as e-cigs, thereby keeping them away from public spaces where smoking could be harmful to kids.

Unfortunately, a critical amendment was added to the bill that actually removed "tobacco" from the defining language of electronic cigarettes. The change gutted SB 140, and even the bill's primary sponsor, State Senator Mark Leno, was forced to abandon the effort.

But last week, we were offered a lifeline. During a special legislative session in August, advocates for healthy kids and Californians will be able to support a package of six anti-tobacco bills -- including SB 140. The rest of the package includes legislation to raise the smoking age, ban smoking on school property, and expand local tobacco taxes. Common Sense Kids Action is excited to get back in the ring and put tobacco where it belongs: as far away from our kids as possible.

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