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How do we stand up for our kids every day?

We stand up for our kids in large and small ways every day. We help them navigate the ups and downs of friendships and sibling relationships; we email and call their teachers to ask for extra support with challenging subjects; we call the doctor's office about why this cold really needs immediate attention. All of this is advocacy, a word we associate much more with government and public policy, but it's really just about standing up for the people -- or the issues -- we care about.

We hope you see the work of Common Sense Kids Action as an extension of the personal advocacy you do for your kids every day. With your help, the advocacy we do will build support for all parents and kids in education and promote healthier families.

So, join us at Common Sense Kids Action. And know that when we ask you to click to send a note to an elected official or sign on to a petition, you're adding your strong, individual voice to a larger chorus so you don't have to stand alone.

Crista Sumanik