Common Sense Announces 15 Bills in Congress That Are "For" or "Against" Kids

Kids Action's legislative ratings tool connects parents and educators to their lawmakers to hold them accountable. By Danny Weiss
Common Sense Announces 15 Bills in Congress That  Are "For" or "Against" Kids

Parents and teachers trust Common Sense's ratings to help them make informed decisions about movies, websites, apps, books, and education technology for their kids. Now, parents and teachers are getting that same trusted information about bills in the U.S. Congress. The Common Sense Kids Action legislative ratings tool highlights bills at both the state and federal levels that affect the core building blocks of opportunity for kids and rates them as being "For Kids" or "Against Kids." And our tool makes it easy for users to connect directly with their legislators by phone or email.

The ratings are intended to hold legislators accountable for how their actions will affect all kids and to empower parents, educators, and other advocates to take informed actions on behalf of all of America's kids. We specifically seek out legislation that falls under our four key policy areas: high-quality early childhood, 21st-century schools, positive media and technology, and support for families.

This first round of Kids Action federal legislative ratings includes bills to improve child care, to make it easier for parents to be responsible at work and at home, to expand access to modern technology, and to update education-privacy laws. But some of the bills on our list would undermine kids' opportunity and endanger their health. The federal ratings start with 15 bills in Congress, 11 that are "For Kids" and deserve people's support and four that are "Against Kids" and should be opposed. The list will be regularly updated and publicized to our advocates.

Examples of our "For Kids" bills include:

  • S 337/HR 947: The FAMILY Act of 2017. This bill would guarantee all U.S. workers up to 12 weeks of paid leave to care for a newborn, an adopted child, or a seriously ill child or other family member.
  • S 645: Measuring the Economic Impact of Broadband Act of 2017. This bill would help provide data to make it easier to close the homework gap by helping all households gain access to high-speed internet.

And "Against Kids" bills include:

See the full list of federal bills

By alerting parents and teachers to developments in Congress, we hope to ensure that lawmakers do more to make kids their No. 1 priority. Kids don't have a voice in public policy, but by working together we can make a positive difference in their lives. Join our efforts to make kids our nation's top priority -- become a Kids Action Advocate today!

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Adult written by Joe D.

Why not save some time and just advocate Castro's policies. Good schools, good health-care, and no polluting industry. Or you could just move there. Or choose Venezuela. Just be sure to pack a lunch.
Adult written by nobbsy

To insure more bills that "Help Kids" as opposed to hurting them check the votes of your congressional representatives on key bills such as HR 1628 the American Health Care Act which "dismantles key provisions of the Affordabke Care Act..". Both this bill and the bill to defund the EPA are Supported by President Trump and the Republican Party.


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