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10 Great Videos That Celebrate the Day of the Dead

Learn about and enjoy the traditions, food, music, and origins of this popular holiday as a family.

From left to right: Video thumbnails from Lego Día de los Muertos, Coco, What is Day of the Dead by Eddie G

El Día de Muertos, or "the Day of the Dead" in English, is a holiday celebrated in Mexico, the U.S., and other parts of the world. From October 31 to November 2, families gather to honor and remember loved ones who have passed away.

In contrast to Halloween—which is more about ghosts, witches, and ghouls—Day of the Dead is a joyful celebration of life. For many Latino families, this period is a time for family parties, special food, music, prayer, and reflections on what we learned from loved ones who are no longer physically with us.

If you want to learn more and share the magic of Day of the Dead with your children, you can explore the videos below.

For Preschoolers

Día de los Muertos by Team Whoo Kazoo

In this three-minute animated film, a little girl visits the land of the dead and learns the true meaning of this day.

Lego Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) by BricksPerSecond

If your kids love Legos, they'll enjoy this stop-motion film about some of the traditions for Day of the Dead.

Sesame Street: Día de los Muertos | The Day of the Dead Song

Get the littles to sing along with Rosita, Elmo, and Abby as Rosita remembers her loved ones on el Día de Muertos.

For Elementary School Children

How "Coco" Honors Día de los Muertos by Disney+

This short clip shows nine ways the award-winning movie Coco honors el Día de Muertos.

The Book of Life | 5 Traditions of the Day of the Dead

Get an overview of the origins, foods, symbols, and traditions of the Day of the Dead in this excerpt from the animated movie The Book of Life.

Día de los Muertos by Art with Mrs. F

El Día de Muertos is not "Mexican Halloween"! In this video, kids will learn why the holiday isn't scary and about the key cultural symbols that make it so special.

El Origen del Día de Muertos (The Origin of the Day of the Dead) by UnoTV Bites (in Spanish)

Learn how el Día de Muertos began with the blending of Mesoamerican and European cultures at the time of colonization.

For Middle and High School Kids

Día de los Muertos: A Brief Overview by National Hispanic Cultural Center

Dive into the historical context of how el Día de Muertos began in Mexico, and learn the role of the Indigenous peoples and colonizers in its birth.

What Is Day of the Dead by Eddie G!

In this video, a fun and entertaining host explains what the Day of the Dead is all about and interviews people in the community about what the holiday means to them.

Understanding Ofrendas | Day of the Dead by Iowa PBS

High school senior Cecilia Villa gives details on what families include in their Day of the Dead ofrendas to honor loved ones who have passed.

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