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How Do I Report Cyberbullying?

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Social media apps have gotten more serious about cyberbullying on their platforms. If your kid is bullied online, go to the platform's site and look for a help section. They typically say "Community Guidelines," "Safety Center," "Parent Info," or something similar. These pages will show you how to block people and change privacy settings. Use these quick guides to block or report cyberbullying on Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok.

If your kid is bullied or harassed over text messages, call your mobile phone provider to report the number. You may be able to block the number by going to "contacts" or "recent calls" on your child's phone. You can also change phone numbers, if necessary. Many carriers offer additional anti-bullying features for a fee.

If the abuse continues, you may want to reach out to your community for support. This can include your kid's school, their teachers and coaches, or other parents and caregivers. If the communication contains threats, you can report it to law enforcement.

To report online abuse, child endangerment, or sexual exploitation, contact the CyberTipline at 1-800-843-5678.

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