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How do I set parental controls in the YouTube Kids app?

YouTube Kids offers a few basic parental controls to limit kids' exposure to age-inappropriate content. The management features are in the parent settings section of the app, which is accessible from any screen and is passcode protected. Learn more about the YouTube Kids app and get an overview of the parental controls in the YouTube Kids app below.

Kid profiles. YouTube Kids lets you create unique profiles for each of your kids. Adding your kid's age to their profile helps YouTube Kids show videos that are most appropriate to them.

Search. For each user profile, you can choose whether to allow the ability to search the app or not (so you can allow your 8-year-old to search but not your 4-year-old, for example). Turning off the ability to search limits videos to only the ones that have been verified as age-appropriate by people on the YouTube Kids team.

Custom passcodes. The parent settings are passcode protected. You can create a custom passcode that only you know, which is a good idea. Otherwise, you'll get a randomly generated passcode every time you want to log in. The randomly generated one is spelled out, but if your kids can read they can get in.

Collections. For each kid profile, you can select curated channels on a variety of subjects provided by YouTube's content partners such as PBS Kids and Sesame Workshop.

Block videos. You can block any video you don't want your kids to see (and YouTube will use this information to prevent similar videos from being shown).

Timer. You can set a timer for up to one hour, so kids have to stop when their time is up.

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