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How should I deal with movies that glorify drinking or drug use, such as The Hangover and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle?

Try to avoid them. Studies show that teens who watch movies with alcohol are more likely to binge-drink. Unfortunately, it might be challenging to find alternative entertainment without booze: Alcohol appearances are increasing in movies for adolescents and teens.

The problem with these movies is that they tend to only show the fun side of drinking. Sure, the characters suffer and endure indignities, but it's all handled as a joke.

Counterbalance those messages with some sobering discussions: Make sure your kids understand that goofy booze-fueled antics have serious consequences; discuss the fact that young brains and bodies are not equipped to handle the effects of alcohol; and explore any underlying issues your teen is experiencing, as watching movies with alcohol is only one of the risk factors for underage drinking.

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