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My kid is having trouble learning to read. Are there apps or educational software that can help?

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First, you might determine whether your child simply needs extra support at home or could benefit from expert help due to learning disabilities. The National Center for Learning Disabilities is one place to start.

As for educational software and apps, there are hundreds -- maybe thousands -- of reading programs on the market. The key is identifying the ones with real learning potential and which ones your kid likes. (Learn more about how to find out whether an app or a website is good for learning.) Apps and educational software allow kids to work at their own pace and receive nonjudgmental feedback, and they may provide useful reports on your kid's progress. Find out more about helping kids learn with digital tools.

Here are some programs and websites to try:

Jack and the Beanstalk by Nosy Crow
An engaging, interactive story that will get kids excited about reading for enjoyment and develop problem-solving skills.

A collection of fun, interactive stories to support reading comprehension.

Starfall Learn to Read and
A variety of lessons and activities for a wide age range.

Reading Comprehension Apps, Games, and Websites
A collection of digital media that helps kids understand stories.

Letter- and Word-Recognition Apps, Games, and Websites
A list of programs that help kids identify letters and words.

Learn-to-Read Apps, Games, and Websites
A handpicked selection of media that boosts literacy skills.

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