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Videos and Activities for Celebrating Earth Day

Use these free resources to explore our beautiful planet as a family and start conversations about giving back.

Image of two children playing outside

Every year on April 22, we mark Earth Day to celebrate the planet and bring awareness to the importance of protecting our home.

Inspire kids to reflect on their world and think about ways to help with these fun videos. Expand their learning by helping them pay attention to natural systems around them. Plus, try out the screen-free activity ideas to become explorers in your own community!

For Kids Age 3–8

  • Biodegradable Party: How many household objects can you turn into decorations? Here are some ways to reuse items for an eco-friendly party.

  • Butterfly World Field Trip: Check out a butterfly farm and learn about the life cycle of these gorgeous insects.

  • Nature Cat: Earth Day Today: Sing along with this fun song about taking care of our planet!

  • Soil Life in Action: Next time you take a walk outside, notice how the leaves and dirt are busy with natural activity.

  • What's Your Favorite Season?: Your kids might know about the four seasons, but what about monsoon and dry seasons? Teach them about weather patterns at home and around the world.

  • Wildlife Around the World: From pandas to penguins, these live cam feeds let you peek at the fascinating lives of wild animals.

Screen-free activity: Head to the park and create your own treasure hunt. Can the little ones track down and recognize local flowers and trees?

For Kids Age 9–12

  • Flip-Flop Sculptures: Artists are cleaning up their communities by turning plastic pollution into beautiful sculptures!

  • How Do Bees Make Honey?: Discover the complex system of bee pollination and how honey is made.

  • How Green Roofs Can Help Cities: Scientists are installing green roofs that can support local ecosystems.

  • Reaching for the Stars: Floating a million miles away, the James Webb Space Telescope was launched by NASA to capture information about our planet and galaxy.

  • Mushrooms at Work: An inventor came up with a genius way to replace Styrofoam with packaging made out of fungi!

  • Saving Our Frozen Worlds: Find out how we can help save our environment and protect animal habitats with clean energy.

Screen-free activity: Take nature walks together to hunt for unfamiliar plants and flowers. Draw what you see in a notebook. You'll be surprised at how much you find, even staying close to home!

For Teens

Screen-free activity: Do a sweep of your neighborhood and see how your family can spruce it up. Are there areas that need cleaning? Is there a community garden where you can test your gardening skills together?

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