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What Are the Basic Safety Rules for Cellphones?


Parents and caregivers: Discuss these basic safety rules before you give your kid a cellphone.


  • Be respectful, both to the people you're texting with and those around you.

  • Be careful. Assume that even private texts can become public.


  • Verify the caller (or texter). Don't respond to numbers you don't know.

  • Always answer the phone when it's a parent or caregiver!

Taking pictures

  • Ask permission before you snap someone's picture, take a video, or forward a photo.

  • Don't publicly embarrass people. Don't post someone's photo -- especially an unflattering one -- from your phone without their permission.

Apps and downloads

  • Apps, games, music, and in-app upgrades can cost real money. Follow your family's rules about what you can and can't buy, and whether you need permission to download.

  • You may not be able to access everything if parental control settings are enabled. Depending on your family's rules, some content, downloads, and in-app purchases could be blocked.


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