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What Are the Rules About Using Phones at School?

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Every school has different rules for cellphone use, but most allow students to bring phones as long as they turn them off during class. Parents and caregivers: Check the school's rules, and make sure your kids are mature enough to follow them. Generally speaking, kids should use their phones infrequently and only when permitted, before and after—but not during—the school day, such as when they need a ride, their plans change, there's an emergency, or a parent or caregiver calls. (And grown-ups, although it can be tempting to text your kid during the day, resist the urge unless it's truly urgent.)

Students have been known to misuse their phones at school. Make sure they know not to use the phone for inappropriate purposes, such as cheating, harassing teachers and recording it, taking pictures or videos of other kids without their permission, and so on. Some violations have serious consequences—and the evidence is all on the phone.

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