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YouTube Content Inspiring Tweens and Teens to Express Themselves Creatively

These videos from artsy creators offer fun ideas to help spark the imagination.

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It's always rewarding when you discover activities that nurture your tween or teen's imagination. And you don't even need to find formal classes. Exploring things like baking, remixing household materials, or trying out a dance routine can boost creativity in unexpected ways—and lead to higher self-esteem, too. But learning a new skill is just the beginning: Getting comfortable with making mistakes in a safe environment, experimenting with new techniques, and adopting fresh ways to approach challenges are just some of the benefits of exploring artistic expression. This curated selection of content features creators who are passionate about their craft and eager to show off their skills and teach viewers how it's done.

These creator channels, playlists, and videos—available in the separate YouTube Supervised Experience—were reviewed by Common Sense Media's affiliated partner Sensical and chosen for their ability to promote imaginative, creative ideas for tweens and teens to try.



Kiz Bae

Crescent Shay (age 11+)

Shay is here to show you just how far you can go with some imagination, creativity, and patience. Shay's crafty costume creations inspire viewers to express themselves and their identities by using unique materials like pennies, phone cases, or even butterflies. Whether viewers are into movie fandom-inspired outfits, renaissance fairs, or just want to see some good ol' fashion challenges, there's something for everyone to view or try!

canjun koi

Kesh (age 11+)

If your tween or teen is an artist, a comedian, or a curious jack-of-all-trades, Kesh understands, because he is, too. On this channel you'll find tips to elevate art, storytelling, and problem-solving skills in ways that will help stimulate creativity. There are new challenges in every video.


Sweet Impact (age 11+)

Got a sweet tooth? Satisfy it on Robert's channel, where his positive attitude and delicious cakes are sure to delight. Watch in awe as he sculpts eye-catching creations in the shape of dinosaurs, mermaids, Halloween jack-o'-lanterns, and more! His simple steps and beautiful confections will inspire and awe viewers of all skill levels, whether your tween or teen is an advanced baker or just an admirer of all things sugary.

gohar knan

Kevin Perry (age 13+)

Using elaborate crafting, video editing, and creative techniques, Kevin creates wildly entertaining stop-motion videos that are bound to spark viewers' curiosity. With his creative problem-solving, perseverance, and positivity, Kevin's ability to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary may inspire tweens and teens to start their own at-home video productions.


MARVEL Props | PropWay (age 15+)

What's the first step to becoming a superhero? An awesome costume, of course! Greg Enriquez is a huge fan of superheroes, and to put his passion to the test, he's made a series of videos in which he creates a variety of marvelous super suits from scratch. Using DIY skills and crafty intuition, Greg aims to inspire viewers to make their own epic ensembles.


crash course

"I Made a Mini Sonic the Hedgehog Game with Lego & Clay" | ClayClaim (age 11+)

Gamers, engineers, and crafters unite! ClayClaim blends visual and tactile arts to create an incredible miniature version of Sonic the Hedgehog's Green Hill Zone. Using problem-solving skills, determination, and commonly found items to construct his vision, ClayClaim shows viewers that media fun doesn't have to be bound by screens.

improvement pill

"Custom Naruto Uzumaki Doll" | HeXtian (age 13+)

Got an anime fan in the house? They're sure to love watching dedicated dollmaker HeXtian show off his newest custom creation: a Naruto doll, ready to (shōnen) jump into action. Through listening to his detailed restoration process (and occasional comedic asides), viewers will feel HeXtian's love for manga and anime. This is a great introductory video for aspiring dollmakers or anyone curious about the artform.


"Squishy Makeovers: Fixing Your Squishies #35" | Moriah Elizabeth (age 13+)

One person's trash is another person's … squishy? Enter the world of squishy renovation with the crafty Moriah Elizabeth. In this video, Moriah creates a new squishy toy from an old one donated by a fan. Moriah encourages upcycling, taking creative risks, and thinking out of the box through her creative transformations.


"Switch Phones (Dance Tutorial)" | Kylie Cantrall (age 13+)

In this video, singer, dancer, and performer Kylie Cantrall teaches the steps to one of her latest songs, "Switch Phones." Following her clear, simple tutorial is an inspiring way to get your tween or teen off the couch and moving along with the music. You don't need to be a professional to enjoy this spotlight!

"I Decided to Be a Flower Instead of a Human Today." | Madeyewlook (age 15+)

Anything can be a canvas, even a face. This video shows creator Madeyewlook using several makeup techniques to turn her face into a tiger-esque flower. Whether your tween or teen wants to improve their makeup skills or just wants to admire talent at work, this video provides an excellent portrait.

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