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Amanda Nojadera
Editorial Associate | Aunt of two
Top Common Core Games and Apps
Having trouble finding Common Core-aligned technology to boost your kids' learning? Though the new curriculum's rollout has prompted lots of questions and concerns, many quality apps and games... read more
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Christine Elgersma
Senior Editor, Apps| Mom of one
10 Websites Every School Computer Lab Should Bookmark
When kids visit the computer lab after school, they're usually there to finish homework and pass the time productively, so you want them to access the best tools possible. These math, reading, news,... read more
5 Tech Tools for Kids in Crisis
Many parents wonder how they would fare as a teenager in a world filled with social media drama, texting troubles, and cyberbullying. Whether they're the cause or symptomatic of deeper issues, the... read more
Maria O Alvarez
Dir. Latino Content & Outreach | Mom of two
Be Inspired by TV's Latina Role Models
"Diversity" is a lot more than the latest buzzword in Hollywood. When kids see positive portrayals of people who share their background and culture on TV, it can be truly life-changing. It plants the... read more
Sierra Filucci
Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two
How to Raise a Good Human in a Digital World
As parents, we have many hopes for our kids. We want them to grow up to live happy, successful lives. We hope they'll find love, maybe have kids of their own, and pursue their dreams. But at the... read more
Caroline Knorr
Senior Parenting Editor | Mom of one
How Colleges Use Kids' Social Media Feeds
Hey, all you college-bound kids: What's the easiest thing you can do to impress prospective schools? It's not your GPA. It's not the debate team. It's your Facebook – and your Twitter, Snapchat,... read more
Polly Conway
TV Editor | Aunt of two
7 Fall 2016 TV Shows You Really Shouldn't Miss
Whether you've cut the cord or love live TV, there's plenty to entertain the fam this fall. You'll find strong female leads, uniquely gifted characters, history lessons, and more in a lineup that... read more
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Grace Jordan
Manager, Brand Marketing
Cast Your Vote for Common Sense Media's SXSW Panels
Though it began as a small group of folks discussing the future of media and entertainment, South by Southwest (SXSW) has grown to become one of the most influential gatherings of media and... read more


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