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Betsy Bozdech
Executive Editor, Ratings & Reviews | Mom of two
Today everyone at Common Sense Media is mourning the loss of Liz Perle, our beloved editor-in-chief and one of the founders of our organization. After a long battle with cancer, Liz died peacefully... read more
Maria O Alvarez
Dir. Latino Content & Outreach | Mom of two
This is an exciting day for us at Common Sense Media! We're launching a multiplatform campaign with Univision Contigo called "Connected, We Advance" designed to increase Internet access among Latino... read more
Christine Elgersma
Senior Editor, Apps| Mom of one
We tell our kids that everyone makes mistakes -- and we mean it -- but if the last school year was a rough one, it can be hard to bounce back. Past struggles with grades, schedules, and friends can... read more
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If you're spending the waning days of summer prepping your kindergarten-bound kid for the first days of school, you're not alone. Kindergarten is a formative year for families, as kids acquire the... read more
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Polly Conway
TV Editor
The traditional fall TV season is transforming now that more and more shows are released throughout the year and/or dropped digitally for binge-watching. It can be challenging for families to keep up... read more
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Caroline Knorr
Parenting Editor | Mom of one
If you and your kids went a little overboard on screen-time this summer, you're in good company. According to a Harris Interactive poll, about half of all parents say their kids watch more TV, play... read more
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Regan McMahon
Senior Editor, Books | Mom of two
As summer slips away, what better way to ease kids back into academic life than with books set in school? Picture books can help kids get ready for kindergarten and making friends. Chapter books... read more
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Sierra Filucci
Executive Editor, Parenting Content | Mom of two
The summer before my daughter started kindergarten was filled with firsts. First summer camp, first swimming lessons, first back-to-school shopping. Thanks to a school uniform policy, clothes were... read more


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