31 Halloween Ideas for Kids to Play, Make, Eat, and Watch

Cheap costumes? Cool pumpkins? Get online inspiration for learning, doing, and having fun -- in only a few clicks. By Sierra Filucci
31 Halloween Ideas for Kids to Play, Make, Eat, and Watch

Halloween is one of our favorite times of year because families can have so much fun together with -- and without -- media. From spooky movies, music, and games to fun crafts, snacks, and parties, October offers a month packed with family pleasures. We culled the Web for inspiration to get kids and families learning, doing, and having fun.

Pretty Cool Pumpkins

Costume Inspiration

Food Fun

Spooky Crafts and Activities

Scary (and Not-So-Scary) Media

More Halloween Fun

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What are some of your family's Halloween traditions?

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Comments (2)

Adult written by gopalkrishnan

Wow! Very useful links. Thanks for posting these links. Now I can plan to buy halloween costumes for kids without any worries. I got one more site for kids holloween costumes: http://www.thetoystore.com/microsite/halloween/
Kid, 12 years old

Great lists. For the movies: -Gremlins is pretty gory. Would be a pg13 or R today another good scary movie is Devil. Perfect, trapped in elevator movie has themes of forgiveness but very scary. Teens and up.


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