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Rocio Lopez
Manager of Community Partnerships | Auntie
7 Family-Friendly, Totally Oscar-Worthy Latino Films
As awards season leads up to this year's Oscars celebration -- the 91st Academy Awards -- we can't help but reflect on the list of family-friendly Latino films, characters, and actors that have been... read more
Christine Elgersma
Senior Editor, Parent Education | Mom of one
5 Ways to Curb Kids' In-App Purchases on the iPhone
Mystery charges on your credit card are usually bad news. But when it's your own kid racking up fees on your iTunes account by making in-app purchases in games and apps, it's a lesson in frustration... read more
Regan McMahon
Deputy Editor, Books | Mom of two
Books We Can't Wait to See on the Big Screen in 2019
Hollywood thrives on book adaptations, and this year is no exception. With classics like Call of the Wild and Little Women and recent teen romances like The Sun Is Also a Star and Five Feet Apart... read more
5 Ways to Block Porn on Your Kid's Devices
Here's the thing: Porn is all over the internet. You can't totally get rid of it. Still, most parents want to do what they can to prevent kids from seeing explicit content. But here's the other thing... read more
Frannie Ucciferri
Associate Managing Editor | Kid at heart
The Most Anticipated Kids' Movies of 2019
Movie-loving families, clear your 2019 calendars. Whether you've been waiting two years for the next Star Wars or almost 10 years for the next Toy Story, the anticipation is almost over. Kids (as... read more
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Christine Elgersma
Senior Editor, Parent Education | Mom of one
Ultimate Clean-Slate Handbook
We tell our kids that everyone makes mistakes -- and we mean it -- but if the last year was a rough one, it can be hard to bounce back. Past struggles with grades, organization, and friends are easy... read more
How to Set Parental Controls on the PlayStation 4
If you're going all out for your young gamers, the PS4 is a top pick. The console's exclusive games combined with virtual reality capabilities make PS4 games feel lifelike and immersive -- just how... read more
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How to Set Parental Controls on the Xbox One
For kids who love Microsoft's Xbox One, it's all about the games. Cuphead, Forza Horizon, and Ori and the Blind Forest are the Xbox titles that make gamers keep coming back for more. However, the... read more


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