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Pronunciation, articulation, and understanding how letter sounds form words are important communication skills. In these exercises, games, and stories that focus on one letter sound at a time, kids can learn to identify their own speech goals. Parents and teachers can track kids' progress, too.

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Kids who struggle with peer interactions can learn to initiate conversations, respond in conversations, and participate in group discussions with this engaging app. Kids with ASD can rehearse and learn from mistakes by using the included scripts or customized interactions.

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In order to build self-awareness and esteem, kids can use Eye to Eye to help them communicate their strengths and challenges. After a series of quests, kids see a personalized plan that outlines what they're good at and where they might need assistance.

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It's fun for anyone to add speech to photos and email them to friends and relatives, but it's especially good for kids who have trouble speaking. Kids can take pictures, record audio descriptions, and share them with others. This is a great way for kids to share when communication is difficult.

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Help kids improve the way they use language to express ideas, form sentences, and understand what they hear. Kids are challenged to create their own sentences from photo prompts and record audio clips of each sentence. Recording and playback encourage self-assessment.



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Power Tip

  • Describe what’s happening during daily routines and activities. Use apps such as Fotobabble and Speech with Milo to reinforce communication skills.