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Two games help kids differentiate among B, Q, P, D, 3, 6, and 9 by swiping letters up, down, and sideways. Can be an effective therapy tool for second- and third-graders but also a great way for kindergartners or first-graders to practice left versus right.

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This visually stimulating letter-tracing app can be a good beginning tool for kids with dysgraphia. Kids will enjoy watching the animation for each letter, which may help them remember the correct formation.

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This current-events app uses symbols and audio for kids who have difficulty reading. Engaging games and comprehension quizzes reinforce what kids are learning. The app is designed for kids with autism and cognitive disabilities.

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For kids who have difficulty reading or remembering definitions, this can be a powerful way to interact with words in a stress-free, playful way that may help them see words in a new light.

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Using a multisensory approach, the app teaches the sounds of the building blocks of language to help kids who have trouble with reading and writing. Through videos, kids can even see how particular letter combinations are made with the mouth.

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Power Tip

  • Once kids learn new skills with tools like FirstWords: Deluxe, extend learning into home or school. Find the same words in the home or classroom, and match the letters.