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Identifying and understanding emotions are crucial life skills. This collection includes 50 concrete, colorful images of the 10 most basic emotions. Five examples of each feeling help teach basic emotions in a consistent way with repetitive practice.

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This easy-to-use, friendly app can be great for kids who need help understanding that emotions can be detected by facial expressions. This is particularly important for kids who are nonverbal or on the autism spectrum.

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Kids name their emotion, decide how intense it is, and then focus on a digital bubble with a user-created worry or joy. Great for kids who struggle with labeling emotions, moving beyond an anxiety-inducing event, or handling stress appropriately.

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Kids learn to notice differences and to focus on details. Three different games show a set of objects and ask kids to match two that look the same -- an essential skill for kids with autism. Kids practice noticing colors, patterns, and sizes of objects to make a match.

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Making good eye contact is essential for developing friendships and other social skills. Kids can practice as faces with different expressions flash on the screen. The trick is for kids to hold eye contact long enough to see a flashing number appear. Shy kids in particular can benefit.

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  • Together, practice making faces that show emotions. Use apps like Peek-a-Zoo, That’s How I Feel, and Touch and Learn -- Emotions to help kids express their feelings.