The Common Sense Seal


The Common Sense Seal recognizes movies and TV series/specials that offer families an exceptional media experience. Our honorees have the potential to spark family conversations, entertain families of all types, and/or make a significant, lasting impact on individuals within a family or on the culture as a whole.

Coco Movie Poster Image
Stunningly animated, poignant tribute to family and culture.
Wonder Movie Poster Image
Earnest, emotional book adaptation has strong messages.
The Breadwinner Movie Poster Image
Powerful, intense animated tale of life under Taliban rule.
Albert Movie Poster Image
Spunky tree's adventures are filled with festive messages.
Kedi Movie Poster Image
Deep thoughts, fuzzy cats in heartwarming documentary.
Your Name Movie Poster Image
Stunning but mature animated body-swapping love story.
Cars 3 Movie Poster Image
Some intense scenes in story of empowerment, mentorship.
Swim Team Movie Poster Image
Inspiring documentary about young athletes with autism.
Thor: Ragnarok Movie Poster Image
Funniest Thor movie has tons of style, plenty of violence.
Bill Nye: Science Guy Movie Poster Image
More mature, still kid-friendly Bill Nye inspires.
Jane Movie Poster Image
Engaging Goodall docu has a little violence, language.
Wonderstruck Movie Poster Image
Thoughtful, arty take on excellent Selznick novel.
Spider-Man: Homecoming Movie Poster Image
Diverse, entertaining reboot has some language, violence.
Step Movie Poster Image
Dance gives teen girls focus, power in moving documentary.
Marshall Movie Poster Image
Inspirational, entertaining biopic of a very human hero.
Breathe Movie Poster Image
Feel-good romance tackles serious themes, disability rights.
So B. It Movie Poster Image
Beautiful coming-of-age drama tackles tough topics.
The Gifted TV Poster Image
Intense X-Men follow-up raises thoughtful themes for teens.
The Mayor TV Poster Image
Rapper runs for mayor as a joke -- and wins in fun comedy.
Vampirina TV Poster Image
Vivacious vampire girl's adventures promote tolerance.