Common Sense Selections


The Common Sense seal program recognizes outstanding media with an official seal for quality and impact. Common Sense Selections include age-appropriate movies, TV series and specials, and games that have the potential to spark family conversations, entertain families of all kinds, and have a positive, lasting effect on society.

John Lewis: Good Trouble Movie Poster Image
Inspiring, timely biography of Congress' legendary activist.
Hamilton Movie Poster Image
Filmed Broadway smash has mature content, positive messages.
Runner Movie Poster Image
Stirring, inspiring sports docu about overcoming adversity.
Miss Juneteenth Movie Poster Image
Courage, humility, empathy in mother-daughter drama.
Marona's Fantastic Tale Movie Poster Image
Beautiful, heart-tugging dog drama has some sad moments.
The Sims 4: Eco Lifestyle Game Poster Image
Green-themed expansion encourages ecological thinking.
2040 Movie Poster Image
Hopeful docu about ways to help save the environment.
Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics Game Poster Image
Collection of classics promotes friendly social experiences.
Spelling the Dream Movie Poster Image
Upbeat celebration of outstanding kids who spell to win.
Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story Movie Poster Image
Inspirational sports docu about basketball legend.
The High Note Movie Poster Image
Female-centric music dramedy strikes an entertaining chord.
Moving Out Game Poster Image
Fun co-op sim is appropriate for all ages, skill levels.
Zombies 2 Movie Poster Image
Sweet sequel promotes inclusion, challenges stereotypes.
Emma. Movie Poster Image
Delightful Austen adaptation has a couple of cheeky scenes.
Onward Movie Poster Image
Original, heartfelt sibling adventure about love and loss.
Driveways Movie Poster Image
Rewarding gem about friendship and life's changes; swearing.
The Call of the Wild Movie Poster Image
Thrilling, sometimes intense adventure teaches resilience.
The Half of It Movie Poster Image
Touching, smart teen story deals with sexuality; drinking.
The Willoughbys Movie Poster Image
Irresistible kids banish dreadful parents in fanciful tale.
Beyond Blue Game Poster Image
Lovely undersea adventure with strong conservation message.