2020 Social Media Voter Scorecard

2020 Social Media Voter Scorecard

This election year -- and every election year -- it's best to get information straight from nonpartisan news outlets (they can be sued for reporting false information) and to check primary sources. But since social media is going to be filled with election info these next couple of months, here's a look at how different platforms are handling the flood of videos, memes, and hashtags and what you can do to get the most out of social this election season. Check back, as platform policies may change.

Check out the overview below, and see details by platform.

*We reviewed platform policies to assess how well platforms were addressing the integrity of election-related posts. We also consulted technologists working to improve social media including Dr. Hany Farid, UC Berkeley School of Information and TikTok Content Advisory Council; Leslie Miley, former Twitter engineer and Common Sense tech adviser; and Thomas Dimson, former director of engineering at Instagram.


Select a platform to see how it is handling this election season and what you can do:









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