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Answer a brief survey.

And that's it! You'll receive weekly messages with tips and much more!

It is absolutely FREE to sign up for this program.

Text message charges from your mobile provider may apply.

For parents of 3-to-8-year-olds

Receive free text message tips about how to practice healthy media habits at home with your family!

Just text the word kids to this phone number: 21555

More Information

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Content Examples

Hang in your service center, classroom, or lobby to inform families.

Add to your email newsletter or website to promote to  your community.

Post on your social channels and share with  your audience and followers.

Print and distribute to students, families, and caregivers.

Family Engagement Tools

Download or print these materials to help spread the word:

Schools, early learning centers, and community centers!

Please help us spread the word in your schools and communities. Find below electronic files of the marketing materials so you can print them or promote them on your websites and social media. We appreciate your partnership. 

Common Sense Recognition Program

Elementary schools! Distributing Tech Balance materials to families counts as one parent engagement activity toward earning recognition as a Common Sense Educator or School. Go here for more information about the Common Sense Recognition Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will I receive?

Participants will receive text message tips about how to practice healthy media habits at home with their family. 

  • How to find (and keep!) a healthy balance of media and technology at home. 
  • Advice for managing screen time and setting limits with your kids. 
  • Expert recommendations for quality, age-appropriate content your kids will love. 
  • Tips for talking and interacting with your kids about what they see online. 

How often will I receive text messages?

You can expect two text messages a week. Occasionally, we'll send you a quick poll or quiz of three questions. These polls and quizzes will help us gain insight and feedback from participants so that we can improve the content we send you. 

How much does it cost?

It is absolutely FREE to sign up for this program. However, text message charges from your mobile provider may apply; please check your plan. If your plan includes unlimited text messages, you're good to go.

Is it available in Spanish and English?

Yes, you can choose to receive the messages in English or in Spanish. 

Can I refer my friends to sign up?

Definitely! Please help enroll your friends, in-laws, neighbors, and other parents at school. 

Can I quit at any time?

You can choose to stop participating at any time. Just text the word “stop” or “pause” to 21555. 

Will my phone number or information be shared?

Never. We will not share your phone number or information with any other third parties. We value your privacy. 

What is the enrollment questionnaire? Why do I need to complete it?

When you first enroll in Tech Balance, you'll be asked the six questions below. Common Sense launched the Tech Balance campaign in an effort to make our resources, tips, research, and advice more accessible to all families. We ask these initial questions to gain a better understanding of who is enrolling in the text message program, from where, and why. It also tells us how people hear about the campaign so we can allocate our marketing efforts efficiently. 

  1. What's your primary reason for signing up for Tech Balance?
  2. For what age child would you like to receive tips and advice?
  3. What is your ZIP code? 
  4. Which best describes your annual household income?
  5. How did you learn about Tech Balance?  
  6. Had you heard of Common Sense before starting Tech Balance?

About Data and Privacy

The only personal information we collect from participants is phone numbers and ZIP codes. We need a phone number to send text messages, and we ask for ZIP codes to know where our participants are so we can promote the campaign nationwide. 

We will not collect names, addresses, or any other personal information from participants. 

Common Sense is the owner and manager of the Tech Balance campaign and text-messaging program. We are working with Community Connect Labs to disperse the text message content to participants. However, CCL cannot use any of the information for their own purposes. We value your privacy and will not share phone numbers or other information with any other third parties. 

About the Participant Survey

Because Tech Balance is a brand-new campaign from Common Sense, we're very interested in making it as accessible as possible so all parents can learn about how to balance media and technology. We're conducting a pre- and post-participation survey to learn more about how we can improve this text-messaging program for families and grow the Tech Balance campaign. Over the course of a 12-week period, 1,200 Tech Balance participants will be invited to participate. (The survey is voluntary.) 

Those who agree to participate in the survey will be asked a series of pre-survey questions. After 12 weeks, they will be asked the same questions again, in addition to a few questions about their experience receiving Tech Balance tips. Participants who complete the post-survey will receive a $10 gift card. Our goal is to stay in touch with participants and learn more about how this program has helped them manage their family's media use, so we may also reach out to participants after the 12-week period. 

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